ECDtf in Action

  • Group of specialists from around the world joint together to address global issues of importance to improve the lives of children with developmental delays and disabilities. Here are some initiatives: Survey of members, Policy briefs, Webinars, and online distribution of Newsletters, Bi-weekly Digests and Newsflashes.
  • Multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral teams are responding to efforts in several nations to build more inclusive ECD systems and interventions, replacing institutional care with comprehensive community-based services, enhancing primary health care with developmental pediatrics, and fostering rights-based transformations of human services.
  • Mapping Task Team conducted a global survey to identify good and inspiring programs and practices in IECD: Global Survey of IECD and ECI Programs – 2019
  • Advocacy Task Team designing and distributing IECD advocacy tools
  • Zika Task Team catalyzing capacity for IECD response to emergent needs of children with Congenital Zika Syndromes, and their families, communities and services.